What's New In Solar

Last Updated : July 15 2017

What's New In Solar

by Bianca Broadstone 2017 July 07

In this day and age where renewable sources of energy are the real deal, don’t you think it smart to invest in solar panel technology?

Thanks to its growing effectiveness, solar panel technology has now allowed businesses and homeowners to invest in renewable sources of energy that are guaranteed to provide ostensible returns on investment. From being cost-efficient to its sustainability, installing solar energy panels is now a viable option for everyone. This article will discuss how solar panel technology harnesses the sun’s energy to generate electricity and ultimately help create a greener planet.

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Why it's smart to invest in solar energy

What do solar energy systems do?

Solar power is pretty self-explanatory. Solar energy panels are fueled by solar energy, which requires only the sun rays to function. Since solar power is the most abundant form of energy available on earth, the potential of solar energy is almost infinite. According to the National Energy Laboratory, the average system can reduce costs about 50 percent of your utility costs. Furthermore, if your system generates more electricity than you need, you can throw back the power to your local power grid and generate profit in return.

How is solar power sustainable?

Solar energy systems consume no fossil fuels and generate zero emissions, making them a renewable energy source. Emissions produced from fossil-fuel based power plants release nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and some amount of mercury. Meanwhile, a solar system's ability to operate without oil, coal, and fuels ensures that the power will be created in a natural way.

As time passes, the demand for solar panel technology increases because the prices of nonrenewable resources are rising. It is the right time to look for inexpensive and alternative means of energy for uninterrupted power to meet your energy needs.

Benefits of installing a solar power system

For those interested in installing a solar power system, it’s not that difficult: apart from its relative ease of installation, the expenses are comparatively low. Solar panel system prices have been going down by as much as 70 percent.

In an effort to help boost the number of people using solar panel technology, both state and federal tax rebates and incentives are available to help shrink the cost of installing solar energy panels. These favorable rebates and incentives offered by the government can make switching to solar power more efficiently. The initial cost involved with setting up a solar system could be considerably high, but several states offer tax benefits for both commercial and residential solar panels.

Here is a helpful video on how to install solar power on your property.


Green and sustainable solar power

With the assistance of solar power, people can now live greener and sustainable lifestyles and help contribute to the planet’s health. Solar panels have even upgraded their hardware to withstand extreme weather.

In short, solar power is now the hot new trend. Thriving new solar panel companies like Perth, for example, have sprouted across the globe to provide excellent, topnotch-quality solar panels.

What to keep in mind when installing solar panel technology

Before switching to solar power, there are five important things to keep in mind when selecting the dimension of your system and the type of solar panels that could best meet your energy needs:

  • Your need of power
  • Budget
  • Location
  • Rebates
  • A reliable installation company
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