Why solar is the best energy solution

Last Updated : July 13 2017

Why solar is the best energy solution

by Bianca Broadstone 2017 July 10

Being able to cut down on energy costs while helping save the planet is the ideal lifestyle, isn’t it?

With everything that’s going on about the environment, it wouldn’t help to do your part while also benefiting from it. That’s why switching to solar as the primary source of energy has become the hot new trend lately, thanks to its affordability and sustainability. But what else makes it the best energy solution? This article will discuss the many advantages of using solar power for your home or building.

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Why solar is the best energy solution

Why shift from fossil fuels to solar power

Over the years, the use of fossil fuels, the chief source of energy for several countries, has become a great concern to the globe. Fossil fuels appear in three forms: natural gas, oil, and coal, which have provided more than 80 percent of total US energy consumption for more than 100 years, according to a 2016 report. However, the continued use of these fossil fuels has become expensive and highly unsustainable, as such sources of energy as nonrenewable. Moreover, there’s been an overwhelming consensus in the scientific community that human activities, particularly the burning of fossil fuels, are changing the earth’s natural greenhouse.

To replace fossil fuels, the world is looking for another great source to solve this problem. If the problem with fossil fuels was its sustainability, then alternative renewable energy sources like wind, hydroelectric and solar power provide unlimited availability. And since solar power is an infinite source of power, it makes for a more sustainable and affordable power source.

Solar energy remains one of the best alternatives to fossil fuels as it helps mitigate the rise of climate change. Many people now want their commercial properties and homes to use solar energy. Due to the constant availability of sun throughout the year, solar energy is the deal. It is the most reliable and consistent forms of power to depend on, time and again.

How solar power works

People can now use solar energy in two forms such as heat and electricity via photovoltaic cells. The advantage of using photovoltaic cells is that there is no release of harmful gases into the air. Photovoltaic cells do not need direct sunlight to generate energy. The most important thing for photovoltaic cells is the availability of daylight, regardless of whether it’s cloudy or not.

Do you know that electricity can also be generated without a direct energy source? This is possible by using solar energy to generate heat first. The steam from the production process can now work in power generators. At this juncture, it is unequivocal that fossil fuels will not produce heat. The resulting energy remains 100 percent eco-friendly.

Advantages of solar power 

There are several benefits to using solar power, among which are:


Solar power is renewable

Converting solar energy into electricity remains a simple task. With the help of solar panels, the conversion process will become successful. The sun is always a consistent source of energy, which people use, time and again. With solar energy, importing coal from other nations will reduce. In remote areas, solar energy can help in the generation of electricity.


Using fossil fuels as energy sources are actually expensive. From mining for sources to transportation, it’s an incredibly arduous task. Solar energy, on the other hand, requires none of those things.

Less pollution

When fossil fuels are in its processing form, you will see the unleashing of harmful gases. Sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide, and carbon dioxide all emanate from processing fossil fuels. Solar energy, on the other hand, remains the cleanest and purest form of power. Using solar energy to replace fossil fuels will help to protect the planet.

Easy to install

Installing solar panels is not a Herculean task. You can install these panels on your roof or other easily accessible places. For other forms of energy, such as geothermal and wind power, a huge area is crucial for installation. Such is also necessary for solar farms, but for households that individually pursue solar energy, panels are a great go-to.

Easy to maintain

To maintain solar panels, you do not need any strenuous task. While first investments in solar panels remain huge, there are no recurring costs for investing in solar panels after installation. With time, you have the opportunity to add extra solar panels.

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